Our Signature Programmes


“World of Work! I’m Ready” is a two-day workshop that offers students between S4 – S6 a lively and interactive environment to inspire their curiosity for self-exploration, stretches their mind to take risk and have the courage to take action and learn from failure. Through rich content and effective learning tools, the students gain confidence and awareness of their strengths and interests to help them craft a meaningful career.
A foundational experience for all young people who want to start planning their career with the intent to build a purposeful and happy life.


Young Leaders Program

YLP is a two day workshop for participants to be grounded with self-awareness, learn about their role and impact in a team environment and finally to relate their choices and actions to the workplace and the larger community.
An essential program for young people who aspire to lead their lives with the intent to create positive impact in the community.


Project A-Players


Project A-Players is about uncovering and using your potential to develop the best version of yourself so that you can find a path to an effective and fulfilling life and career.
Each student will be paired with an experienced professional who will act as his/her coach and learning partner.
In addition to the one-on-one coaching relationship, the following features are part of the program to support their growth:

  • SOWHKF Competency Model & Assessment
  • Group Projects
  • Workplace exposure
  • Peer learning workshops


  • To be grounded with self awareness
  • To know their roles and impact in a team environment
  • To understand their choices and actions in the workplace and community


  • To help students recognize and appreciate their strengths more broadly to nurture a positive outlook on career and life
  • To help students’ employability including competencies, personal qualities, work ethics and working environment from the perspective of business sector


  • To recognize and draw on their children’s strengths and nurture positive thinking
  • To create a platform for parents to share thoughts and views to support their children’s exploration and understanding of life beyond school


  • To create a more generational friendly and inclusive work environment